Otaiba United Oil Field Services is one of the Otaiba United Group’s pride when it comes to its oil field services not only in Abu Dhabi but all through out the Middle East.

Oil Field and Gas products and services are well known to be one of the established businesses in the Gulf.

Middle East is rich in oil and Otaiba United Group is happy to cater such products and services to all clients, not only in the middle east but all through out different countries who would be needing a competitive quality products and services on On-Shore and Off-Shore Oil and Gas Field Services.

When it comes to oil field services, Otaiba United Group also caters the production and delivery of petrol and gas, including the best quality of crude oil in the Middle East with its best value and competitive price through it's International Sub-Contractors.

Otaiba United Group also provides its services with Oil Wells maintenance in collaboration with International Sub-Contractors.

It provide its oil well maintenance by sending highly trained personnel to the field for the proper monitoring and checking of oil wells for proper production and manufacturing of quality oil and gas products in the Middle East.